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Digital Banking for Kids & Teens

Providing early access to personal finance

    Quick and simple to use
    Simple but powerful dashboards to track spending and saving
    Set tasks or chores for your child to boost their earnings
    Save up for that something special by creating saving goals
    Use Edfundo to pay in-store or online with your card, phone and watch using Apple Pay TM or Google Pay TM
    ? We're teachers and we've built a neobank for kids and teens in the UAE...
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    Edfundo Debit Card
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    Teach your children
    financial literacy

    Learning about money and developing good financial habits is an essential life skill and should begin at a young age.

    Edfundo is developed by teachers who understand how children learn best, and its clean, engaging design makes learning about money simple, practical, safe and rewarding.

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    6 reasons to choose Edfundo
    Easy to use for kids, teens, parents and other family members
    Strict parental controls to give you peace of mind and complete visibility whilst still promoting your child's independence with money
    We are moving closer to a cashless society. Edfundo allows young people to spend digitally with either their prepaid debit card or their virtual card
    Boost earnings through chores and set saving goals with added interest
    Young people learn by doing with Edfundo. Our educational app helps them to become money smart from a young age
    Stunning dashboards that track earnings, spending, saving
    and donating

    Good money habits
    last a lifetime

    Contrary to what many young children believe, money is not infinite and no, it does not grow on trees!

    With the tasks and chores feature in the Edfundo app, children can develop an early understanding that work and money are connected.

    Parents can choose to allocate tasks for their children and reward them for completing it successfully.

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    Spending is great...
    but spending responsibly is even better

    Being able to differentiate between ‘Needs and Wants’ helps children to become smarter with money.

    In the Edfundo app you can use the saving goals feature to help them decide whether to spend now or save for later.

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    Our community say

    02 Aug
    I need this app now! My child spent a fortune on gaming using my bank card without me knowing.
    02 Aug
    I always have to check with my parents to see how much of my allowance I have left. Now the Edfundo app can do this for me.
    29 Jul
    We rarely carry cash nowadays. Edfundo would make life so much easier by allowing me to instantly transfer money to my child through the app.
    20 Jun
    I have 3 kids so using the chore tracker feature in Edfundo would make my life so much easier.

    Your child chooses how much to save, and what to save for

    They can choose to save for a specific goal or just learn the power of saving for their future.

    Parents have the option to help motivate their children to save by adding interest to their savings using Edfundo’s built-in flexible controls.

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    An app that includes
    unique parental controls
    Top up your child's card in one click
    Set spending rules
    See exactly what your child spends and where
    You decide where your child can spend their funds and receive real time notifications telling you their spends
    Instantly block or unblock cards at anytime
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