Here you’ll find the answers to our most commonly asked questions and everything you need to know to get the most out of Edfundo.

How do I sign up for Edfundo?2022-09-22T10:10:38+00:00

1. Sign up as a parent or guardian. This includes:

• Verifying your identity: Your identity verification process is completed digitally via the Edfundo application. We are required by law to verify your information (name, address, mobile number, DOB, EID, and other basic details) to ensure the safety of your account, your funds, and your kids’ cards.

• Adding your children: You can add up to 5 kids to your account. Each child you add will be provided with their own Edfundo account and login.

• Setting up your Parent’s Wallet: The Parent’s Wallet is a virtual wallet where you can load money from your debit card or bank account. We only ask that you load funds to complete registration. The money you load is yours, and after signup you can transfer money to your child whenever, wherever, and for whatever. Funds in your Parent’s Wallet can also be used to cover your monthly Edfundo Subscription Fee if you wish to upgrade.

After signing up, your kids’ cards will automatically be created and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive. In the meantime, log into your app to help your kid’s set up their accounts and then let them take our Financial Education Quizzes to ensure they fully prepared once their prepaid Visa card arrives.

2. Sign up as a child. This includes:

• Setting up: You can sign up to Edfundo via the application by choosing the child’ option.

• Verifying your identity: Your identity verification process is completed digitally via the Edfundo application. We are required by law to verify your information (name, address, mobile number, DOB, EID, and other basic details)

• Linking your parent: You will then share the link to your account with your parent. Your parent will then complete the process.

How old do I have to be to join Edfundo?2022-09-22T10:19:46+00:00

Edfundo accounts are available for children and teens aged 18 and below.

Do I need to be a resident of the UAE?2022-09-22T10:20:23+00:00

Yes! You need to be a resident of the UAE and hold an active Emirates ID.

Is the Edfundo app compatible with phone or tablet?2024-05-10T06:42:48+00:00

The Edfundo app is compatible with phones or other devices.

Do I need to open a new bank account?2022-09-22T10:22:05+00:00

Nope! No new bank account required. Loading funds is simple, everything is done in the Edfundo app.

How long does it take to sign up to Edfundo?2022-09-22T10:22:51+00:00

We are digital only, so our sign up process is completed via the Edfundo app. We’ve heard rumours that it takes less time than making a cup of coffee.

How long will my Edfundo Visa Card take to arrive?2022-09-25T12:48:36+00:00

After completing registration or requesting a replacement card, your Visa prepaid debit card will arrive within 3-5 business days.

Please note that a ‘business day’ is considered to be any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

What can I do whilst waiting for my Edfundo Visa Card to arrive?2022-09-25T12:49:31+00:00

1. Once your account is verified, it’s advised that you add funds to your parent wallet
2. You can set up chores, allowances and spending controls
3. Your child can add a savings goal for added motivation to save money
4. Begin navigating and completing the Edfundo Financial Education Quizzes via our website

How do I activate my childs’ card?2022-09-25T13:17:55+00:00

Once the physical Visa card arrives the you (Parent) will ‘Activate’ the card via your (Parent) home dashboard and tapping the ‘Activate’ card button.

Why do I need to make an initial transfer to my parent wallet?2022-09-25T13:19:35+00:00

Adding your bank account or debit card is the final step to complete so you can use Edfundo! Now you can transfer allowances to your child’s account

Can I use biometrics to login to Edfundo?2024-05-10T06:41:22+00:00

Unfortunaelyt, this feature is not available just yet! However, we do hear you, and we will ad this very soon.

Why do I need an active Emirates ID to join Edfundo?2022-09-25T13:39:16+00:00

The UAE central bank requires Edfundo to verify a customer’s identity (Know Your Customer) before opening an account. Your Emirates ID is used as the required form of identity.

Can I create an Edfundo account if I am not in the UAE?2022-09-25T13:42:34+00:00

Edfundo is a UAE banking service currently only available to UAE residents. Edfundo is available in the UAE Apple and Google Play store. If you travel, you can use your Edfundo Visa Card internationally anywhere VISA is accepted (which is almost everywhere!)

How many children can I have on my Edfundo account?2022-09-25T13:43:34+00:00

A parent is able to create up to five sub-accounts for their children. Each child will be issued with their own Edfundo Visa card and separate child account. If you have more than five children in your family, it is possible to have two parent accounts.

My Identity verification failed (Know Your Customer), what do I do?2022-09-25T13:44:27+00:00

Please contact +971 6005 0 5005 or [email protected] for assistance

How much does Edfundo cost?2024-05-10T06:36:56+00:00

Edfundo offers a subscription at a cost of 180 AED per year or 20 AED per month. That’s less than the price of a coffee!

What is Edfundo?2022-09-26T18:04:47+00:00

Edfundo is the trusted financial education and money management app for families: Built by teachers

Empowering parents to give their children early access to personal finance. Our digital banking platform for kids and teens which is been built by teachers has education at the core.

Children can learn, earn, save and spend by using the Edfundo app and it’s prepaid Visa card

Does Edfundo provide Financial Education?2022-09-26T18:05:53+00:00


Edfundo is built by teachers with education at its core. There is no better way to learn than through real life experiences of doing. We also provide fun and engaging quizzes accessed via Edfundo Financial Education

How do I add a bank account as a funding source?2022-09-25T13:48:46+00:00

Locate the ‘Add Funds’ symbol located on the home dashboard. Tap the ‘Add Funds’ button and select ‘Add money from bank account’ and then continue to follow the instructions

How do I add a debit card as a funding source?2023-01-31T06:44:32+00:00

Locate the ‘Add Funds’ symbol located on the home dashboard. Tap the ‘Add Funds’ button and select ‘Add money from card’ and then continue to follow the instructions (coming soon)

Can I use a credit card as a funding source?2022-09-25T14:56:32+00:00

At this time we do not support using credit cards as a funding source. You can load funds onto your Edfundo Visa Card by simply connecting your bank account or debit card to the Edfundo app

How do I add money to my Parent’s Wallet?2022-09-25T14:57:42+00:00

Your Parent’s Wallet is a virtual version of your regular wallet and is where you store money you want to add to your kids’ Edfundo Visa cards. You can easily see the balance of your Parent’s Wallet by navigating to the Parent Dashboard, which is the first page you see when opening the app.

Once your funding source is verified, you can begin funding your Parent’s Wallet by:

1. Click on the orange ‘+ Add Funds’ button
2. Select where you would like to add money from
3. Enter the desired amount you want to add

How can I move funds from my Parent’s Wallet to my Child’s Edfundo Card?2022-09-25T15:01:27+00:00

You can transfer money to your child’s Edfundo Visa card by following the steps below:

1. From your Parent Dashboard, tap the child profile you wish to transfer too
2. Once you have selected the child, you can tap ‘Transfer Funds’
3. Enter the amount you want to send and tap transfer

What happens if my child needs more money than they have in their spend pot?2022-09-25T15:16:38+00:00

If the total of your purchase is more than the amount your child has in their spend pot, the following options are available:

1. Your child can request additional money from you within their Edfundo app:
– Tap the ‘Request Funds’ button
– Enter the amount and tap on ‘Send Request’. Optional: You can also add a reason for the request

2. Your child can move money from their Save Pot or Goal Pot
– Tap on the transfer Funds button from your child’s dashboard
– Enter the amount they wish to transfer
– Using the buttons select transfer from and transfer to
– Tap ‘Transfer’

Why does it ask me to log in to my bank when selecting ‘Add funds by bank account’?2022-12-13T12:34:40+00:00

Edfundo uses a third party company called  Dapi

Your security is our top priority. Dapi protects your financial information using a three-point system with industry grade encryption. This provides the highest level of security, which protects credentials and sensitive data in the highly unlikely scenario of a breach in our data vault.

  1. Dapi Ltd is regulated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market RegLab by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority under FSP no. 190026
  2. Your information is end-to-end encrypted using bank-grade security
  3. Your credentials will never be accessible to this or any other application
When will my child receive their allowance?2022-09-26T17:46:04+00:00

Parents can choose a day that they would like their child’s allowance to be paid. Parents can automate the allowance transfer to be made on a weekly, or monthly schedule. Once you have set your child’s alloance schedule, you can expect your child to be paid regularly on that day – So long as you have funds available in your Parent’s Wallet.

Can my Children earn extra from completing tasks?2022-09-26T17:46:36+00:00


To set up a new task for your child:
1. Select your child you wish to set a task for
2. Tap on the button at the bottom of the dashboard, named ‘Task’
3. Then tap ‘Add Task’ located on the top right of the screen
4. Then select the child to assign the new task
5. You will then add the task details – Task name and description
6. You can then add a reward and select how to mark the new task ‘Complete’
7. Then confirm task

How do I set up a ‘Savings Goal’?2022-09-26T17:43:24+00:00

Savings Goals allow you to set aside money for a specific purpose or item and track progress towards reaching that goal. You can move money from your ‘Spend or Save Pots’ anytime you want. The more you move, the quicker you will achive your Savings Goal.

To create a new Savings Goal:

1. Tap ‘Save Pot’ on the main dashboard
2. Tap ‘Goal Pot’
3. Tap ‘Add Goal’
4. Then follow the on screen steps

To add money to your savings goal:
1. Tap on the transfer Funds button from your dashboard
2. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
3. Using the buttons select transfer from and transfer to Goal Pot
4. Tap ‘Transfer’

How do I add money to my ‘Save Pot’?2022-09-26T17:44:13+00:00

You can move money from to your Save Pot by:
1. Tap on the transfer Funds button from your dashboard
2. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
3. Using the buttons select transfer from and transfer to Save Pot
4. Tap ‘Transfer’

What happens when my child complete a ‘Savings Goal’?2022-09-26T17:45:10+00:00

Firstly, congratulate them!

What happens next:

Once the goal has been achieved, the funds will be transferred into the Spend Pot so your child can purchase the special item they were saving for.

How do I setup spending controls?2022-09-25T15:24:49+00:00

Placing limits for online spending and ATM will provide your child with the correct level of control.

1. Select the child you wish to add limits to
2. Tap the ‘Spend Limits’ button
3. Add the specific limits to for ‘In-Store and Online’ & ‘ATM’ then tap the Submit button

How do I move money from my Save pot or Goal Pot to my Spend Pot?2022-09-26T09:52:12+00:00

Your child can move money from their Save Pot or Goal Pot
– Tap on the transfer Funds button from your child’s dashboard
– Enter the amount they wish to transfer
– Using the buttons select transfer from and transfer to
– Tap ‘Transfer’

What if my Child’s purchase gets declined?2022-09-26T09:54:17+00:00

Double check the following:

1. Did you make the purchase at a store that is compliant with Edfundo’s Terms of Service? Remember, certain transactions will not be approved with the Edfundo Visa card. Learn more by visiting (T&Cs) or check our article about places that Edfundo cannot be used.

2. Did you spend above your monthly or daily limits? If so, you may ask your parents to politely increase your limits.

3. Did you have insufficient funds in your spend pot? If so, you can transfer money from your ‘Save Pot or ‘Goal Pot’ – Check Here for more details on how to do this. Alternatively, you can request more funds from your parents – Visit here to find out how.

If you had sufficient funding and you know you tried to make the purchase at an approved store, let us know by calling +971 60005 0 5005 or emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get your questions answered!

How much can I withdraw from an ATM per day and per month?2022-09-26T17:31:27+00:00

Please check your Limits by tapping the ‘Spend Limits’ button on your home dashboard.

It’s easy to adjust the settings of the Account Controls to allow your child to withdraw money from their Spend Pot. Click here to learn how to change these settings!

What happens if I return a purchase made with my Edfundo Visa Card?2022-09-26T17:33:14+00:00

If you are refunded for a purchase made with your Edfundo card, the funds will be transferred back into your Spend Pot by the merchant. Please be aware that this is at the discretion of the merchant and is based on their refund policy.

Can I add my Edfundo card to Apple Pay or Google Pay?2024-05-10T06:39:01+00:00

Yes! (coming soon in 2024) Once you have activated your Edfundo card in your app, it is compatible and is extremely easy to set up making for an easier checkout experience.

Once Available

Note: Kids must be 13 or older to equip their Edfundo cards with Apple Pay or Google Pay

How to enable Apple Pay:
1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
2. Click on “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
3. Click “Add Card” under the Payment Cards section.
4. Choose “Credit or Debit Card.”
5. Scan your card or input the card information manually.
6. You are all set!

Once you are ready to pay with Apple Pay, simply click on the power button on the right side of your iPhone twice to prompt your card to appear on your phone and hold it close to the point of sale terminal.

How to enable Google Pay:
1. Download and open the Google Pay app.
2. Click on the Payments tab at the bottom of the screen.
3. At the bottom, click “+ payment method.”
4. Click “Add credit or debit card.”
5. Enter your card info.
6. You are all set!

To pay with Google Pay, simply unlock your phone and hold it over the point of sale terminal until a blue checkmark appears on your phone.

Can I use my Edfundo Visa card abroad?2022-09-26T17:35:23+00:00

Edfundo Visa cards can be used anywhere the Visa logo is displayed, which means your children can take their card wherever they travel to.

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