How much does Edfundo cost?

We are thrilled to offer the majority of our services completely free of charge! We’re passionate about providing financial education for young people and work tirelessly to make that happen. In some cases, we do need to charge a small fee to cover costs.

But don’t worry, these fees are very reasonable, and they help us to continue offering our services and making a positive impact.

Our Fees

  • FREE          Visa prepaid card (delivered)

  • FREE          Card activation

  • FREE          View PIN

  • FREE          Change PIN

  • FREE          Transfer funds between Edfundo parent wallet and child account

  • FREE          Paying regular allowances or pocket money

  • FREE          Setting up spending limits

  • FREE          Download and sign up to use the Edfundo mobile app

  • FREE          Transfer money between spend, save and save goal pots

  • FREE          Setting up save goals

  • FREE          Mashreq ATM withdrawals

  • FREE          Minimum account balance (No minimum balance)

  • FREE          Domestic transactions

  • FREE          Inactivity fee (No account top ups or transactions in 12 months)

  • FREE          Parent account with up to 5 children

  • 0.9%           In-App bank transfer to top-up parent wallet
  • 1.6%             In-App debit card top-up to parent wallet
  • 2 AED          Non-Mashreq Bank ATM withdrawals in the UAE
  • 20 AED      ATM withdrawal outside the UAE
  • 2.6%           Foreign transaction fee (Foreign exchange rates apply)
  • 45 AED      Card replacement fee (Lost, damaged or stolen)
  • 25 AED        Account cancelation and return of remaining funds

Teaching kids to earn, save, and spend responsibly