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Digital Banking for Kids & Teens

Providing early access to personal finance

Financial Education Starts with Edfundo

Building good financial habits need to start early, and the best way to learn this is by experiencing it in the real world.
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I am the Edfundo Card and App that offers…

  • A VISA prepaid debit card for kids & Teens

  • Instant transfers & automatic scheduling of allowances

  • Flexible parental controls to help manage spending (in-store & online)

  • Google Pay & Apple Pay

  • Saving pots and saving goals

  • Cash withdrawals from any ATM
  • Financial education


  • No hidden fees

How we help protect your account

Good habits last a lifetime

Edfundo is committed to encouraging a healthy relationship with money from a young age. The good news is, it’s never too late to learn.
I’m a parent
I’m a Child

Edfundo is crowned!

‘Best Start-Up’ at the Middle East & Africa Seamless Awards 2022

Join thousands of parents investing in their children’s future

Even the Media is talking about Edfundo

We don’t mind everyone talking about Edfundo
Here’s what some of you have to say:

I need this app now! My child spent a fortune on gaming using my bank card without me knowing.

Laura, Mother

I have 3 kids so using the chore tracker feature in Edfundo would make my life so much easier.

Theresa, Mother of three

I always have to check with my parents to see how much of my allowance I have left. Now the Edfundo app can do this for me.

Ali, Student

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