Needs are the things we need to survive and live a happy life. These are food, water, clothing, and shelter at the most basic level. Without these things, you would not be able to live. For much of history, people spent almost all their time and money providing for these needs.

However, there are other human needs that psychologists have identified. We need to feel that we belong and that we are loved. We also need to think that we are doing our best and achieving our potential. Personal worth is a different type of human need. People whose needs remain unfulfilled often find it challenging to lead happy lives.

Achieving goals can lead to greater self-esteem and a sense of well-being. You will learn more about setting financial goals later in this section.

So along with food and shelter, there are other needs that everyone shares.

UNICEF has stated that every child has the right to play. A toy is a basic human need because it is essential to every child’s development.

Internet access has been identified as a human need. The Internet is such an essential part of our world that humans need to be able to access it. So access to a device can now be considered a need and not a want.


Budgets Budgets

Personal financial planning is imperative to create financial stability.



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