About Us

Created by Teachers who understand Tweens and Teens

Edfundo is on a mission to provide 8 – to 18-year-olds an unrivaled banking experience by helping them become financially literate and manage their finances from an early age better.

Created by teachers who understand kids and teens, Edfundo is unique in educating 8 – to 18-year-olds.

Parents can set spending limits and rules, make automatic allowance payments and transfer money in real-time. Edfundo offers a safe spending solution and budgeting tools to encourage financial literacy

In addition to providing kids and teens with practical tools to become smart with money, Edfundo will be working with schools to offer workshops, resources, and educational content to help to raise the profile and improve the quality of teaching financial literacy.

Central to Edfundo’s ethos is the provision that doing is the best way of learning.

This provision permeates throughout our team, our culture, our brand, and our product.


Simon Wing

Co-founder & CEO

“It’s time to close the gap in financial literacy education for our children.”


Andrew Toward

Co-founder & COO

“This is smart money management for a smarter generation.”